Xiaomi Mijia Electric Hair Dryer H501 High Speed Negative Ions 110,000 Rpm Professional Care Wind Speed 62m/s 1600W Quick Dry


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  • Nozzle coating: Other
  • Number of nozzles: 1 – 2
  • Number of heating modes: Over 3
  • Use: Household
  • Model Number: H501
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Voltage: 210-240V
  • Heating element: Infrared
  • Certification: CCC
  • Type of motor: DC
  • Nozzle type: Air collecting
  • Number of gears: 2
  • Max. power: 1600W
  • Plug standard: chinese
  • Function: Anion,Thermostatic,Hot/cold air,Temperature control
  • Portability: Unfoldable handle
  • Brand Name: XIAOMI
  • Item Type: hair dryer
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CCC

• High Speed Operation :Experience the speed of 110,000 rpm with the Xiaomi MiJia electric hair dryer, ensuring quick and efficient drying for your hair.

• Professional Care :This hair dryer offers a professional care mode, providing high-quality hair drying experience for salon-like results at home.

• Powerful Performance :With a maximum power of 1600W, this hair dryer delivers strong performance, ensuring fast and effective hair drying.

• Infrared Heating Element :Equipped with an infrared heating element, this hair dryer ensures even heat distribution, preventing damage to your hair.

• Versatile Functionality :Featuring temperature control and multiple heating modes, this hair dryer allows you to customize the drying process according to your hair type and styling needs.

• Portable Design :Designed with an unfoldable handle, this hair dryer is portable and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel or on-the-go use.


● 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor, generates a strong wind speed of 62 meters per second.

● The powerful wind speed provides a super-fast hair drying experience, with an average drying time of just 2 minutes.

● The hair dryer is designed to be lightweight, weighing only 345 grams.

● Equipped with 7 super-long air outlets to ensure even and efficient airflow distribution.

● Multiple acoustic noise reduction optimizations reduce the noise level during operation.

● Features a stylish appearance with three color options.

● Utilizes 57°C constant temperature and high-speed drying technology for a comfortable and efficient hair drying experience.

● Releases 200 million negative ions to make hair more vibrant and healthy.

● Offers intelligent and precise temperature control to prevent overheating and protect the scalp and hair from damage.

● Provides 8 different drying combinations, including 2 wind speeds and 4 temperature settings, suitable for various usage scenarios.


Brand: Xiaomi MiJia; model: h501

Color: White, Gray, Purple

Rated Voltage: 220V; Rated Power: 1600W; Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Net Weight: 345g(Excludes nozzle and power cord)

Package Information:

1 × Xiaomi MiJia h501 high speed hair dryer

1 × Nozzle

1 × User Manual

Xiaomi MiJia high-speed hair dryer h501

Product Features:

①2 minutes quick drying:A high-speed brushless motor with 110,000 rpm and a wind speed of 62 m/s;

②Multiple acoustic noise reduction optimizations;

③345g lightweight body;

④2 billion negative ions, smooth frizz, and make hair smoother;

⑤High aesthetic value, available in three colors.

Comfortable strong airflow, fast hair drying.

The average drying times are as follows:

Short hair: approximately 1 minute

Shoulder-length hair: approximately 3 minutes

Long hair past the shoulders: approximately 5 minutes

The hair dryer has a lightweight and compact design, with a weight of only about 345g (excluding the nozzle and power cord).

Available in three color options, with a simple and elegant design, it has a high aesthetic appeal.

Intelligent and precise temperature control.

Intelligent temperature detection with NTC and MCU microprocessor, monitoring and regulating the air temperature in real-time 100 times per second, preventing overheating, and providing scalp and hair protection at the source.

①Constant-temperature drying: Suitable temperature for scalp and hair protection.

②Non-constant-temperature drying: Fluctuating temperatures that can lead to hair splitting and dryness.

8 Airflow Combinations

2 wind speeds, 4 temperature settings, a total of 8 airflow options for versatile drying, with automatic temperature mode memory.

Two wind speeds: High and low;

Mode selection: Cold air, warm air, hot air, cold and hot circulating air.

Temperature visual indicator, a four-color LED ring that changes with the airflow, providing instant temperature feedback for worry-free drying.

1. Cold air; 2. Warm air; 3. Hot air; 4. Cold and hot circulating air.

More details

1.Anti-hair suction design: Double-layer micro-perforated air intake grille to prevent hair from being sucked in.

2.Easy storage: The power cord comes with a cable tie for convenient storage.

3.Concentrator nozzle: Provides directed high-speed airflow for precise styling.

Package Information

① 1 × Xiaomi MiJia h501 high speed hair dryer

②1 × Nozzle

③1 × User Manual


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