Mini Handheld Color Inkjet Printer Portable Wireless Wifi Smart Label Logo Picture Pattern Barcode Tattoo With Ink Cartridge DIY


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  • Application: Professional Art and Image
  • After-sale Service: Shop’s Three Guarantees
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Internal Memory: 256MB
  • Size: 51mm*68mm*72mm
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Dot Matrix Printer Type: GM rolls dot matrix printer
  • Consumable Type: Black Powder One
  • Max. Resolution: 1200*1200dpi
  • Color Print Speed: uniform speed
  • Black Print Speed: uniform speed
  • Use: Label pattern print
  • Print Speed: 35ppm
  • Double-sided Printing: Yes
  • Supports Network Printing: Wireless
  • Paper Feed Mode: Auto
  • Max Paper Size: Unlimited size, maximum height 1.4 cm
  • Type: Inkjet Printer
  • Interface Type: TYPE-C
  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE











1. Ideal for printing paper.

2. Other materials that do not absorb water, such as metal, plastic and other materials, need to use coatings. When you scratch it, it will come off.

3. After each print, put the ink cartridges in the machine and close the bottom cover of the machine to prevent the nozzles from drying out.

4. Please do not disassemble the ink cartridge frequently, so as not to damage the ink cartridge chip.


1. About ink cartridges: One ink cartridge comes standard with the original package, which can be used 3000 times and can print up to 415 full pages (A4), which can be used normally for one year.


After use, it can be replaced with “hp62” cartridges.

Standard Cartridge Set: Washable except paper.


2. About language: Don’t worry about language restrictions. The printer can be connected with your device via wifi or usb, after the connection is successful, your phone language can be synchronized, and you can customize the print content and color on your device.


3. About print size: the maximum print height is 14.29 mm/0.5625 inches. For one way, it can print 1.3m/4.26 feet long. For multi-line printing mode, it can print up to 3m/9.8ft.


4. About the battery: The battery capacity is 900 mAh, which can work continuously for 6 hours and stand by for up to 1 year. Full charge time typically takes 2 hours.


5. About the shelf life of ink: 18 months, please keep it properly after use.


6. Works with any material: paper, metal, glass, plastic or clothes… rough, curved and uneven surfaces. (Apart from paper, other materials require permanent ink or styling agent to last)


Matters needing attention when printing with the printer:


1. When you receive the printer, please refer to the product manual, product link main image video, product details page text and picture description. Learn how to install ink cartridges, how to connect your phone to the printer, and other considerations.

2. When you receive the printer, please print the original image first, and check the color settings of the printer and the ink output of the ink cartridge.

The ink cartridge adopts three-color thermal inkjet technology, and the nozzle will be blocked if it is not used for a long time. If there is no ink discharge, the print content is intermittent, the color is abnormal, etc., please wipe the ink cartridge nozzle and observe the original pattern printed.

If the printing situation does not improve or the improvement is not obvious, soak the ink cartridge nozzle in hot water for 10~30 seconds before continuing to print.

3. When printing custom content, save the custom content before printing.

4. Any questions about the printer, you can contact us at any time, we will reply you as soon as possible.






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