Kongten Mbrush Inkjet Printer Wireless Buletooth Portable Custom Editing HD Color Printing Word/Picture/Tattoo Logo/Pattern Etc


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  • Application: For Home Use
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Consumable Type: Separate Toner
  • Max. Resolution: 1200*1200dpi
  • Color Print Speed: 1200ppm
  • Black Print Speed: 1200ppm
  • Use: Barcode Printer
  • Print Speed: 12ppm
  • Double-sided Printing: No
  • Supports Network Printing: Wired/Wireless
  • Paper Feed Mode: Auto
  • Max Paper Size: A0
  • Type: Inkjet Printer
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Brand Name: LEEDOAR
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS,UL





Do you want to design a LOGO by yourself, or pictures and print them on your clothes, your books, your cups and other personal items?



Do you want to have a temporary tattoo (one that can be cleaned off anytime)?

If there is a product that meets your requirements, do you want to get it right away?

Yes, there is now a color printing printer that can meet your requirements. It is very small and easy to carry. The picture below is the print effect.


Product Name: MBrush Handheld Printer

Connection method: WIFI/USB Network

Charging port: USB Type-C, 5V 500mA

Charging time: 6 hours

Please note:

@Printing on non-absorbent materials, such as metal, plastic, glass and other smooth non-absorbent materials, you need to purchase this package with coated varnish

@ Print on woven fabrics It is recommended to buy a special layer for milky white clothing, which can improve adhesion.


Here is a video of installing the ink cartridges:
















Connection method and procedure:


1. Connect the printer

Connect your mobile device or laptop to the printer via WIFI

(Search WIFI with mobile phone and other devices to find MBrush and connect, the initial password is 12345678)


2. Scan the printer dashboard

IOS users use the camera app to scan the QR code on the dock and open it in Safari. Or open WeChat, use WeChat scan to open.


Android users can scan and open in the app store

(Browser input can also enter the print page)


3. Create a new upload image

Upload the pattern to be printed in


4. Click Start

Press the button to turn green and start printing


5. Slide print



1. Very suitable for printing paper.


2. Other non-absorbent materials, such as metal, plastic and other materials, need to use coatings. When you scratch it, it will fall off.


3.The surface of non-absorbent materials need Solvent coating, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, wood surface. Water-absorbing surface can be printed directly, such as paper, carton, wall


4.Do not scratch the ink cartridge nozzle on anything.


5. After each printing, put the ink cartridge in the machine and close the bottom cover of the machine to prevent the nozzles from drying out.


6. Please do not disassemble the ink cartridge frequently to avoid damaging the chip of the ink cartridge.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long can this cartridge be used?


A: This printer built-in one ink, this cartridae can use maximum 3000 times, about 1 years.


Q: What type of ink cartridge does this printer work with?


A: Universal HP62


Q: How is this printer connected?


A: It support wifi usb connection, very easy.


Q: What material can he print?


A: It can works on any material, include t-shirts, glass, board, leather, paper and so on.


Q: Can it be washed?


A: Unless paper, other material can be washed.


Q: What can it print?


A: It can print anything, it is a DIY printer, you can print logo, letter, expression, pattern, anything as you want. Just need set the program in advance.


Q: What is his operating language?


A: It support multi-language, it will synchronize your phone language. Q: How long can be ship after place order


A: This item is in stock, we ship in 3 days.


Q: What phone system can be connect?


A: Support IOS and android


Dear friend, this picture is Coating&Gloss Oil, due to AliExpress logistics restrictions, these products cannot be shipped. So, if you need it, please buy it locally.









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